[Back story] What we went to keep winning in FX and lessons learned

For a while since the release of OPA, the live broadcasting of FX has been suspended, but we have also boasted a phenomenal winning rate in the distribution of FX.

28 wins 2 losses + 425 pips is the result of about 20 days after delivery, and it is quite difficult to gain such a win in general.

This article shares the essence of how you can make money.

The video is more runaway than the article, making it difficult to understand in detail, but I think it is important.

Lessons from failure

The first lesson from the big mistake is Dattong.

He gained popularity at the global level for high quality trading.

But as a result, the signal delivery was so sloppy that the ghosts came off, and I don’t trust him now.

Considering the reason why the distribution is Zutaboro, probably because I tried to rely on automatic distribution, I think that I am running something close to EA.

EA cannot be researched and developed overnight. The development of OPA has completely failed in the first edition, and even if you have trade skills in the first place, it does not directly relate to EA development ability.

Although he failed to distribute his music because he overestimated his ability, he felt that his eyes on analyzing charts by himself were excellent.

He trades mainly on the hour and four hours. In the particularly favorable era, the analysis was focused on the 4-hour period, and the 1-hour period was the secondary role.

What I learned from him was the construction of this pure chart. “4-hour” and “1-hour” are my current trading style and video distribution.

What Sentiment Analysis taught

SL / TP settings and frequent adjustments

One of the assertions is that SA theory does not escape stop loss in extreme cases.

There are other ways of thinking such as SL / TP based on open orders, but the only thing that we, as ordinary people, can drop into trade is the SL / TP setting.

Regarding the setting of SL / TP, Dattong, especially when he gained reputation in manual trading, was agile, and as profits grew, he raised SL to the entry point and prevented loss. Was.

The idea of ​​eliminating losing trades is very interesting *, but in any case, it is one lesson to keep SL and TP settings intact.

* Moving the SL to the entry point may be perceived as a bad idea in the long run, as it encourages early profitability.

Fundamental analysis

Are you a charter or a fundaist? The charters claim that there is no need for the fundamentals because the fundamentals are woven and expressed in the charts, but is that really the case?

I think fundamental verification is also important.

It’s a little confusing, but both open orders and indicators as a funder are basically numbers. Some statements, such as the Chair’s statement, are difficult to express in numbers, and even if there are exceptions, such as the recent virus problems that are difficult to quantify immediately, they are basically formed by numbers.

If the balance of these numbers determines the strength of the currency, conversely, Fanda is a kind of technical.

Therefore, I think the most appropriate way is to use Fanda as one of the technical “indexes”.

Dattong is not an exaggeration to say that technical trades are the only thing, but if there is any part that cannot be grasped in the sense of this trade, it will be an unstable movement on the fander side.

Just a common tool

I can’t say it very loudly, but basically it’s pretty good if I’m looking at myfxbook and other information.

In SA, there are places where we verify with myfxbook data, but this site is old and has not changed in appearance, but it has immutable value.

However, it is humans that do not readily notice it. Perhaps you didn’t expect masks to be so expensive, but myfxbook is often overlooked because of its so common tools.

There are various tools on the site, so we recommend that you take a closer look.

Conclusion that Fanda is technical

It’s a good idea that Fanda itself is technical. I think that people forcibly categorize some attributes too much, but I think it’s okay to judge them together.


  • First layer: chart
  • Phase 2: Fanda (index)
  • Tier 3: Economic situation (remarks made by key figures)
  • Fourth layer: order book

It is desirable to find out which of these is a hotspot and trade with awareness of the flow indicated by the hotspot.

We hope for your reference.





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2017年より長年運営をしているSkyRock Signalsについて、現在仮想通貨の高騰によりチームメンバーやシステムロジックに改良が加わり、更なる高みを目指しています。




  • Binance SmartTrade Bot:月203ドル(USDT)、年間1218ドル(USDT)
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[Back story] What we went to keep winning in FX and lessons learned

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