[* Important *] Check the OPA hope (secured) here. Please fill in the comments.

[Breaking News 3] ​​Recruitment ends
on March 1 Recruitment under the current conditions ends on March 1. We will move to the second phase. See the latest article for details.

[Breaking News 2] Possibility of early termination emerges

Due to various circumstances, the possibility of early recruitment has increased. Perhaps it is difficult to secure a space for more than 20 people. Currently there are about 12 people, so please express your participation as soon as possible.

[Breaking News] 10 applicants exceeded! Only a little left in the first slot!

As you have already commented, hopes of 10 people are available. Please note that there are only a few remaining slots, and depending on the amount of funds, they may end without notice.

OPA project started around the fall of 2019.

Despite the fact that it seems a bit stranded, I think that the sun has finally begun to appear and we have moved to the phase of full recruitment.

Not only Thang but also fund managers are saying that the system is “problem-free.”

Therefore, I think that there are many people who have seen the first LP and have been receiving some time for a while.

We will also announce it in the video and we will contact you individually as much as possible, but for the sake of adjusting the number of people etc. I hope that you can express your participation again here just in case.

Please leave a comment in this article.

If you already have Tradeview, please fill in the address. (It will not be released to other people)

In any case

  • The earliest members (readers of the life-chan channel era)
  • Those who have already contacted us via Telegram have the
    highest priority, with or without comments.

It is necessary to make various adjustments depending on the number of people, so thank you for your cooperation.

Participation conditions and compliance items

Participation conditions

  • Those who can open a Tradeview account by referring to us (implementing marginal reduction)
    * It does not matter whether you have a current account.
  • Those who can agree to the VPS share (free use)
  • Those who can prepare the funds listed below

Compliance items

  • Do not leak out such as copy trade
  • Not being an anti-socialist
  • Not an EA seller, information merchandise seller, or their cooperators, and unlikely to participate
    Affiliates, introducers, YouTubers, etc. who are not involved in or are unlikely to be involved in the development of EA, etc. can participate You. For large funds, please call separately.

If you discover that you have violated any of the compliance items , you will be asked to claim about 60 million yen, which is the amount that takes into account the loss, as damages. The lawsuit will be filed in the form of a lawyer or individual lawsuit in a court in our jurisdiction.

Minimum deposit requirements

* Indication of initial funds

No gold (0.01 lot)With gold (0.1 lot)
Low risk500,000 yen5 million yen
Normal risk250,000 yen2.5 million yen
High risk100,000 yen1 million yen

Comment you want

  • Name: Anything is OK (HN etc. who are contacted are also possible, I think that old people can write that effect.)
  • E-mail address (enter correct address, do not leak to outside)
  • Comment: Request for participation and initial investment amount

I would like this.

* Even if you write a comment, it does not force you to participate, but we would appreciate it if you could respond conscientiously, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does OPA cost?
    Completely free. It will be managed on trust.
    Because it is a TV management system, it is impossible for third parties to transfer funds. However, VPS system and other issues are force majeure, so please understand those points. (EA is equipped with ST / TP so that maximum loss is avoided.
    However, we will charge about 3980 yen for the setting fee. (One-time payment only)It is now free.
  • How are the results seen?
    You can check by logging in on mobile or PC. However, only the OPA account can be operated by VPS, and if you are going to do other EA or manual trading, please create another additional account. (Additional account here from, please write “IB = 2283” to contact matters.)
  • I want to use OPA on my VPS
    . Currently, we do not offer any services.
  • Are there any issues, such as investment trusts or runaway?
    We do not share the EA and VPS, and do not underwrite the funds. Since the funds are at hand and traded freely, they do not belong to categories such as mutual funds . In addition, raising funds etc. can be done voluntarily, and will never be moved by a third party such as us.
  • The
    recommended lot you want to increase the number of lots is determined by the investment amount, but if you want to increase the investment lot at your own risk, please contact us. However, we are not responsible for loss cuts such as unrealized losses.
  • I want to increase my initial fund
    . This is of course possible. However, limiting the quota is also a part of controlling the total amount based on market theory (scalability theory), so in the case of astronomical assets, we may cooperate in adjusting the number of lots etc.

  • Large funds are showing interest in closing the offer, and the conditions are becoming more and more severe as of today.
  • I don’t have much initial funding but want to trade gold. what should I do?
    For example, you can trade only gold for about 500,000 yen, but we do not recommend it at present. We accept any options provided you are solely responsible.
  • You can
    add more money later .
  • May I do a copy trade? A
    criminal prosecution will be filed for the crime of fraud using a computer. In addition, you must confirm in the advance agreement that if such a case occurs, you will claim the entire amount of the investment funds and the entire amount of the earned income as damages. The complaint will be filed through a legal counsel in a court under our jurisdiction.
  • I would like to introduce you, but do you have a referral reward?
    We will offer a small reward (3,000 yen per item). However, it is limited to only users and members of this system.


This system provides the operation of Experts Advisors used on Metaquote’s Metatrader. Please judge the results carefully in light of backtesting and the current situation.
Thank you for the results at your own risk.

Serious EA “OPA” finally started

After examining the beta test version, we identified the problems and finally completed the current “OPA = NEW”.

OPA = NEW-Dominating the market with the culmination of SA theory-

Now, the day you strike back against FX is coming soon.

Click here for details of the article !

Click the image below if you want to see the test status as soon as possible!

Features of 3 logic

The main logic consists of three types: “Aurora”, “Kite”, and “Mito”. Each of these is very complex, consisting of hundreds of sub-logics.

Both are EAs built on the basis of “Sentiment Analysis” written by Thang .

  • Aurora : long term swing trading target for 200-1000 pip trends
    (Aim for explosive power in long-term swing trade of 200-1000 pips)
  • Kite : hunt for stop loss zone of retail traders and trade on the same side of smart money ( Search for stop loss zone of retail (broker etc.) and trade on
    SM side of SA theory)
  • Mito : short term intraday strategies based on sentiment analysis and momentum (Short term trade strategy based on
    SA theory and trend momentum)

Backtest with Strategy Analyzer

0.1 lot fixed (2005-2020)

It is a stable and enormous finish of about $ 12,99259 (about 140 million yen) only in the main currency.
It is not an exaggeration to say that this performance is rarely seen in fixed lots.
(→ Click here for MT4 back test )

Congratulations to you for meeting the serious EA! !

Mr. Thang, who has been in the trade system department for many years and has completely elucidated the investment theory, finally started EA “OPA”!

This EA contains our earnest desire to be free from fake merchandise and the EA’s spell just to sell the EA.

If you want to know the whole picture, please see below.

For Instruction

[Dread:] Dattong’s signal was not good. Can’t continue anymore (2019 summary)
→ Dattong's crime and punishment * New article * I got a lot of fans and got started Dattong's signal channel, but it was clearly feces. It is said that just putting EA on the appropriate forecast, and losing the operation result will not give out I ended up with garbage quality that I can not imagine taking very much money. I also expected the accuracy of free signal prediction When money is involved, the running content is neglected. But he didn't mean he could make a lot


[* Important *] Check the OPA hope (secured) here. Please fill in the comments.
[Back story] What we went to keep winning in FX and lessons learned

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