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With 5 million starts, 0.1 lot fixed, it is hitting +1.5 million yen in just over 20 days.

Of course, we don’t use systems that destroy funds, such as martingales or grids.

The culmination of “SA theory” developed by Thang is now descending here.

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We have already received many voices. Thank you for your continued support.

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Birth of the Reiwa New Era EA, aiming for the top of the AI ​​era

Will the past trade logic become meaningless in the age of AI ?

Which is better, manual trading or automatic trading?

This time, I would like to tell you a story that overturns all the stereotypes that you always have and a completely original EA (FX automatic trading software) that you are proud of as the world’s highest peak.

You’ll surely be more familiar with automated trading and manual trading truths than most traders, and get a glimpse into the real world.

Break the past customs

All traders, including Larry Williams, have worked hard to make their trading techniques plausible. But before the essence of FX, it turns out to be harmful rather than helpless .

You’ve probably seen technical indicators, oscillators and candlesticks. It is stated in the basic investment commentary that buying and selling etc. are determined by those patterns, but the market fluctuates according to demand, essentially Trading with these indicators is even just an occult.

Of course, we do not deny technical trade head-on. Changes in supply-demand balance can appear in indicators, or can be leading indicators. But too many commercial traders are pushing the money out of doing just that, and many private traders are doing a great deal of damage.

We must stop this negative chain. With that in mind, we decided to show you the most truthful theory of EA and investment.

We will destroy the tower on the sand, which has been formed by the evil people, related to FX so far, and show you real images.

What is true trading theory and tools?

This trade theory and tool set it apart from the past.
  • A dream tool that grows 100 times in one year
  • A million people
  • Please introduce and earn!

… Isn’t that deceived by these products that you have lost?

We want to offer all the underlying theories of such products and an EA (automated trading system) that goes beyond everything.


We are LH and Thang.
Before getting into the main topic, I would like to introduce myself.


LH has an official partnership with overseas white label brokers and provides you with a broker that absolutely promises quality and trust.
He has also worked with the coin market and coin telegraph information media in the virtual currency market .

As a YouTuber , we have been providing high-quality information to everyone as “Reversal FX” (formerly: Life Fun Channel) .


Hello, this is Thang. I am a trader living in Vietnam.

He has been in the finance sector for over 10 years and has worked as a broker in the FX department of a securities firm.

He is currently conducting day and night statistical research to become a top of dealer.

The operation status of the currently developed EA can also be checked below.

About 5 years going back in time.

When I was working as a broker. Despite his many years of experience, one thing was absolutely doubtful.

“Forex is a bull or bear choice, but why 99% of people have lost their accounts.”
Yes, real accounts are 99% dormant and active (trading) accounts are only 1-2% .
FX is going up or down, or 5 minutes and 5 minutes, if you’re a bit technical or fundamental analysis. , You should be able to make appropriate trades that can be recovered for the commission.
This is something even beginners can imagine.)
However, in front of my monitor, the remains of traders who are dead and dead. Only a few assets that are left with margin calls and severe loss cuts .
And while I am in office, there is no authority to keep track of all of the trade, this, “the law of 99% kill (paradox)” For,
At last I did not have an answer.

But years later, I finally found the answer to this question.

People are creatures that act irrationally

Humans are creatures who do not make the best choices in clearly advantageous or disadvantaged situations. In other words, it can even be said that “it is an easily dead creature.”

This is a probabilistic decision-making based on the “Prospect Theory” proposed by Professor Kahneman and others who won the Nobel Prize in 2002.

Prospect Theory ( Prospect theory, UK:  Prospect theory) is one of the decision model under Uncertainty. It is a model that describes what choices a person makes in a situation where the benefits or losses that result from the choices and their probabilities are known. It is well known as a representative achievement in behavioral economics. -From Wikipedia

If you do not know human nature, you can never win

Prospect theory is a behavioral model, not a financial model, so it can be applied in many situations.
I read my dissertation and heard that not only trade but also life has improved.
Why?-Trade must be seen as a part of human activity, and that allows us to trade more humanly.
You may not understand the meaning now. But after reading this book, you’ll know what it means.

“Backtesting and future results have no link!”

I dare to say this as a point of communicating EA to you.
Sentiment analysis is a tool that identifies all of these potential errors, biases, etc. and overcomes them all.
We have to trade the future, this is the big iron rule,
The strongest EA built based on SA theory is that of OPA.

In the era of AI, we were presented with all kinds of weapons in front of us, and we had to think not just about using them, but how to use them and how to use them strategically .

There are many people in the world who claim to be traders in the coming months that money has increased or decreased.

However, as long as you don’t install the statistical logic concept, that is, the OPA theory in your head, you will not be able to withstand a 99% kill in any given tool.

They will be killed somewhere, even if they are lying traders.

What Japanese need is to take advantage of themselves

Sentiment analysis examines how seriously human psychology upsets investment from prospect theory, Levi flight theory, and order books provided by each company.
In this sentiment analysis, many countries, including Vietnam, did not understand at all.
major factor in Vietnam, in particular, is that FX is considered a ” very gray financial transaction.”

However, I think Japanese people are completely different in the manner of trial.

I think that is the delicateness and temperament of Japanese people.

Japanese rooted in agricultural ethnic groups have the instinct to aim for long-term harvest and ultimate survival . Above all, I think that having some information about FX itself is also a very big factor.

We all consider Japanese people to be excellent ethnic groups with a patient DNA, and we hope to help them bring out their abilities.

SA trial reading

Sentiment Analysis Complete Ver3

Impressions of full version readers

  •  Books written on the premise of losing have never been read before, and there were depths that could not be ended only by trade psychology.
     It was a serious guide to the 99% paradox and a certain direction.
     I feel it fits into three fingers of the book I have read.
  • The book has some usefulness in behavioral models. If investing was a lossy aesthetic, I thought that making
    choices and withdrawals was also a key to winning a trade or life.
    Once in another school, this level of discussion was never reached.
    I will read it over and over and make it my own.

・ Until now, I was not so familiar with FX, and thought that this book was a bit high.
 As I read it carefully, the true meaning and the creator’s enthusiasm came through, and I was able to know the depth of FX.
 It was really nice to meet this book first.

SA rather want all traders to read

I, of course, do not say that all EAs, products, and instructional books are bad.

But without facing the reality of the market, there is no way to win. Absolutely.

Start with the theory in this book, and wake up your investment DNA.

The day when you have a lasting victory is coming soon.

And the treasure EA that ultimately sublimated SA is born …

The culmination of SA theory, EA (automatic trading system), is OPA.
First, let’s see the result again.
This test was performed with “The Tick Data” which boasts 99.8% accuracy .

From 2005 to 2020, the above results will be achieved with a fixed 0.1 lot (!) .
The major currency alone is about 140 million yen, but just 0.1 lots is a change in the industry.

This system is based on the SA theory and operates with the following logic.

  • Aurora : long term swing trading target for 200-1000 pip trends
    (Aim for explosive power in long-term swing trade of 200-1000 pips)
  • Kite : hunt for stop loss zone of retail traders and trade on the same side of smart money ( Search for stop loss zone of retail (broker etc.) and trade on
    SM side of SA theory)
  • Mito : short term intraday strategies based on sentiment analysis and momentum (Short term trade strategy based on
    SA theory and trend momentum)

There are three main logics, but the sub-logic is a very sophisticated EA that contains hundreds of techniques.

Don’t be fooled by scam EA

OPA is an EA that does not use any of the trading methods such as “martingale” and “grid” used by most EA (automated trading system) sellers.

Let’s take a look at the results of a famous seller’s EA ↓You can see that the number of lots is increasing. In this case, double … quadruple … Besides, it is hard to understand by putting numbers.

Such an EA first collapses due to sudden changes in the market . One reason is that just because the past tests worked, there is no guarantee that they will apply in the future.

And most of the time, even the real backtest results are not available.
Our EA is completely different. We don’t do any tricks to show the results well.

Moreover, the result is a simple interest rate (0.1 lot = 10,000 currency), which shows that it is very safe from the viewpoint of risk management . (6-30 lots of other companies’ EAs (remember that they cost between 600,000 and 3 million currencies)

It is no exaggeration to say that the above EA is not only low performance but also fraudulent EA. Be careful.

Application method

Thus, OPA has our earnest desire to be free from fake merchandise and EA’s spell just to sell EA.

If you are interested, I hope you can participate, but for participation, you first need to open a Tradeview account and deposit the prescribed funds.

Normally, the huge cost of purchasing an EA can be fully invested, so I’m grateful.

But I think some people are sick like this. “Tradeview? Are you suspicious? I’ve never heard of it . 

In fact, there is a scheme that recommends BO (binary option) in investment talks that make a profit and deposits money into fraudulent websites that can not be understood at all, so you need to be careful with sweet talk.

Let’s take a moment to explain what Tradeview is and how it differs from what we have been doing so far.

What is Tradeview?

  • Broker parents around the world (capability suppliers)
  • Deposit and withdrawal trouble, zero out of millions
    (trust maintenance $ 35,000)
  • World smallest spread, commission
  • VIP treatment for the purchaser of this product (intermediate fee maximum off)

In fact, Tradeview is the source of many brokers . Have you heard of OEM brands? In other words, one major point is that you can directly interact with the “wholesale” that eliminates intermediate fees.

Among other brokers,

  • No bonus
  • Loss cut level is high at 100%

The former is unnecessary in the first place (you lose if you trade for this purpose) , and the latter is also evidence of the sound operation of the company.

An important point is that trust maintenance is overwhelmingly more expensive than the FX broker (1 million yen), which is considered to be a long time of 30,000 dollars (about 3.3 million yen).

The image is an image

And I’m a certified ambassador for Tradeivew and have a hotline with the head office Managing Director Institional Sales & Trading .

Therefore, if there is a bug in the trade that you do not remember or that the loss cut is being executed at a strange price, if you can tell me, it is possible to exchange safely and securely with the hotline. (It’s often ignored if you’re abroad … I’m in charge of the TV, but it’s in poor Japanese, but if you have any trouble, you can respond to the hotline if you have any trouble, so I think you can trade easily.

This hotline also queries raw data (liquidity provider transaction records) , depending on the degree of customer dispute .

Beginners may not be surprised, but the existence of such records is nothing less than a proof that TRADEVIEW is an A-BOOK broker .

(A-BOOK broker: A broker that sends customer’s investment to the market. Since it flows all, there is no prohibition even for trades that are prohibited by ordinary brokers. A-BOOK broker is “99 % Kill * ”In principle, there is little profit, so that alone has a very high value.)

Finally, I’ll repeat something very important again.

  • Deposit and withdrawal trouble, zero out of millions (trust maintenance $ 35,000)

Doesn’t this tell us all about security?
There is no trouble so far, and even if a TV company should ever break, compensation of about 4 million yen will be made, so it is no exaggeration to say that safety is the best in the world.

* Supplement: According to the 99% kill rule, many brokers do not take an actual order or have a different position because a broker almost always knows if they “trade” a customer. This is called a B-Book broker. Aside from good and bad, A-BOOK has always had a legitimate deal to deal with in case of emergency.

The Forex Broker Truth

But this alone is hard to understand, why?

It may be suspicious why there are Japanese brokers and they are going to introduce overseas abruptly.

The answer is a mysterious relationship between public-private cohesion and overseas server power.

Time goes back–

In the mid-2010s, the acquisition of FX customers was cited as an annual mission of a major Japanese company (Company G). .

As a result, a large number of advertisements were struck, and the affiliators who cooperated increased public awareness of FX.

On the other hand, for overseas brokers, the Kanto Finance Bureau has issued an “Unregistered Dealer List”.

The FSA (not the subordinate’s customs) is sounding a warning bell in the name of a suspicious overseas. However, this is simply not registered and has no strong legal effect.

Well, where did the great guy from the Kanto Finance Bureau re-employment?

Japan does not operate a broker

Japanese brokers no longer consider exaggerating to be an exaggeration .

Regarding the companies mentioned above, apart from their advertising strategies, their operations as FX brokers are far from clean.

In fact, some companies have been given business improvement orders in the past due to system instability .

Other Japanese companies also conduct fraudulent acts such as making up for FX losses, and it is no exaggeration to say that FX is Japan’s primordial era.

 A former manager of Togo Securities, a substantial manager of Togo Securities, who was charged in the case of a loss covering FX trading, was charged with evading the corporate tax of another company.

Commodity futures trading company “S-Invest” in Osaka City and its substantial owner, H defendant (58), etc., hid about 797 million yen by 2016 and hired about 209 million The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors’ Investigation Division was prosecuted last month on charges of evading 10,000 yen. According to the parties involved, H defendants have alleged the charges, and the tax evasion seems to have been used to make up for customers who lost money in FX transactions. The Tokyo National Taxation Bureau, which has continued to investigate, has filed criminal charges against H defendants.

August 1, 2019 ANN News

I don’t think this old-fashioned news would be reported in the age of Reiwa, but it is probably the tip of the iceberg.

Because even the appearance of the office still has something like the Showa level.

From a certain blog

The image above is a desk of a broker who is doing financial registration in Japan.

This is a desk … the settlement stamp is placed on a casual, old telephone like a resident, and the work screen is filled with idol photos … it’s too messy anyway. Above all, being able to enter as an interview is a major issue.

To be clear, Japanese brokers are just in Japan and are registered with the Financial Services Agency and do whatever they want.

In such an environment, it is hard to imagine that efforts to improve contract performance are being made firmly.

Where is the center of FX?

By the way, what do you think is the center of FX trading?

Forex is priced based on connections between countless companies , but many of them are located in London , England .

As long as the exchange market is established mainly in London, it is necessary to rent a server or provide power at that location.

In other words, it is a big iron rule that Japanese FX brokers can not do high-speed trading unless they borrow the server power of London .

Communication from Japan is too slow, and if you do not do so, the overall contract quality will be reduced, so there is a possibility that you will be requoted (rejected).

The only solution is to set up or rent a server in London.

Unless you have a fair amount of capital and technology, managing a server that handles hundreds of millions of transactions a day, even if you rent it, can be a challenge.

As a result, some companies, such as TRADEVIEW, have their “goodwill” split down and renamed to expand .

Maybe the big company you’ve heard is actually just a stupid commission added to the capabilities of TRADEVIEW.

Or rather, most of these companies . I can guess that the same office is the same mobile phone.

So what are the benefits of contracting with TRADEVIEW?

Japanese brokers may have registered with the Financial Services Agency, but put it all out, (white label) + commission = selling price

But we reserve the right to do business directly (white label)

The fact that the Financial Services Agency is accredited as white or black can be considered to be a great deal of work.

Companies that have completed the registration with the Financial Services Agency of Japan have become senior citizens who run for money and enjoy free-living lives without even having to manage lax customers.

This is the inside of the Japanese dealing industry.

* Tax payment should be done properly.

Why is the information so detailed? Is there a benefit?

There seem to be many people who think “There is a back in a delicious story …” , so there are some pitfalls. You may also be asked a question.

However, the so-called “make-up story” that you are familiar with often costs a lot of money behind it, including advertising expenses, and is exploiting a huge margin.

The fact about FX that you know (knew) is the “just look” that you see in search top rankings, commercials and magazines .

If you don’t realize that your search results are contaminated , you’re believing in the ranking of securities companies that you may not have created, and you’re losing money without realizing it .

The real information is only here now

TRADEVIEW is a company that has been steadily conducting sincere activities since 2004 without any exaggerated advertising strategies.

Because it’s registered in the Cayman Islands, it’s constantly exposed to audits. (The rumors are often heard in my ears.)
Also, this Cayman FSA registration is said to be rare (or one and only) forex broker, and it can be said that it is very secure.

Offer special discount account

If we just recommend “I ‘d like this broker ~”, that would end the story .

From the past to the present, I have been maximizing my return on Tradeview fees to customers.

In addition, there is no doubt that trading will be greatly advantageous because it will be returned in a way different from so-called “cash back”.

General mechanism of reduction and another method

The mechanism of the cashback method is illustrated below.

The upper row of the image is “general cashback company”. All fees are collected, the cashback amount is saved on the site as “points”, etc., and payment (receipt) is processed according to the application .

The lower part of the image is our case. This method does not take the cashback portion of the commission as a commission . Therefore, spreads are narrowing, and there is no doubt that margins will not be reduced unnecessarily and efficient management will be possible. (See the next section)

Thinking of the cashback of a trade as “dust” and accumulating dust … and enjoying the situation is a trap that cashback traders fall into .
(It is well known in the industry that “something” is that you skip assets to the point you want.)

From a viewpoint that is often overlooked in the modern society that has become a point reductionist, it is a matter of course that it is a matter of course, but the fee has never been cheap from the beginning .

What is the discount rate?

Next, we will present the actual discount rate.

Although it is a comparison with other companies, it is worth mentioning that all of them offer excellent services.

X-Levaredge (standard) In the case of

Cashback siteRebate rateReduction rateProvided spread example
Personal blogger0 yen / Lot0 (none)1.8Pips
T〇riTali800 yen / Lot0.8pips (-800 yen) / lot1.0Pips
Our company-0.8pips (-800 yen) / lot1.0pips

Standard accounts do not incur a commission, but have a slightly wider spread.

Whether you are our company or not, if you do not pass through the IB (cashback company etc.), it is definitely a loss . It is foolish to trade on the link of an affiliate. It is possible to transfer later, so in that case please contact us.

If you trade one lot (100,000 currency), the commission will be reduced by 800 yen.

This indicates that the spread itself is narrowing, indicating that it is a very advantageous trade .

In addition, we and Company T have the same conditions, but we can say that it is a management limit, and we will not compete further.

For ILC account

Cashback siteRebate rateReduction rateReal fees
Personal blogger0 yen / Lot0 (none)500 yen / Lot
T〇riTali200 yen / Lot0 (none)300 yen / Lot
 yalCashBack200 yen / Lot0 (none)300 yen / Lot
 nalCashBack125 yen / Lot0 (none)300 yen / Lot
 SHBACKFOREX125 yen / Lot0 (none)300 yen / Lot
Our company250 yen / Lot250 yen / Lot

ILC accounts have very narrow spreads, but incur a fee.
This fee is the highest in the world and it is theoretically impossible to reduce it further .

We are often asked by email, “Why is it so cheap?” I just think.

“I want as many people as possible to survive on the battlefield of trade, and that will be my joy (profit).”

Anyway, this price is not possible no matter how high the rebate rate is. Because I don’t make money.

Account type and usage

By the way, as for the account, as mentioned in the fee distinction,

  • X-Levaredge (Standard)
  • ILC account

There are two. The difference lies in leverage and whether there is a fee.

Total cost
(same for both)
Maximum leverage
(forex trading)
400 times200 times
Minimum trading volume0.01 lot
(1000 currency)
0.1 lot
(10,000 currency)
Manual trade
EA trade (automatic trading)

An ILC account has a narrow spread but a commission.

However, even with this fee, it is cheaper than a standard account.

On the other hand, the standard account has a larger maximum leverage.

This is advantageous for EA (automatic trading) transactions. For example, EA is an automated trading system, so you may have a lot of positions without knowing it, and you need a margin.

Greater leverage means less margin and is an advantage for automated trading.

ILC accounts have a leverage of 200x. In general, it is often evaluated as low, but in fact, in trade theory (SA theory), extreme manual high leverage trading is not at all recommended. You must also be aware that the minimum trading volume is 0.1 lot (10,000 currency) .

Therefore, it is better to use different account types for automatic trading (X leverage) and manual trading (ILC).

[Shock] VPS (24-hour operation system) is free forever

A VPS (virtual Windows machine running 24 hours) is absolutely necessary for EA operation, but we will provide it free of charge!

Tradeview certified LH-FX and Thang are responsible and strictly controlled.

* Please note that we are not liable for any unavoidable troubles in management or any loss caused by the EA itself.

Transfer from existing TRADEVIEW account

Transferring from an existing account is easy.

  • Open an account from our IB
  • Internal remittance

It is quite easy because it is completed in two steps.

In addition, if you have multiple accounts, one can be divided into our IB and other original accounts .


I will re-arrange the story so far once.

  • Sentiment Analysis Japanese translation
  • OPA (Automatic Trading Tool)
  • Tradeview preferential account
  • 24-hour dedicated VPS
  • Other individual support

SA is actually sold overseas at Amazon .
Someone who read the book negotiated OPA’s EA license for tens of millions of yen.

But nevertheless, we use this system

Free supply

Let me do it.

However, we have no human resources and have limited support, and in terms of SA theory, systems that continue to win need to be limited in number scale, so the number is completely limited.

We hope that you will be able to participate in this site as part of it.

Please read below for the procedure.



  • The conditions for receiving the benefits are as follows.
    • Open a standard account and deposit the required funds (required) Opening an ILC account is optional.
      (You may have two at the same time.)
  • OPA is free, but can only be used with a standard TRADEVIEW account.
  •  This product is not intended to provide specific investment advice.
  •  There are certain risks in investing and in no case do we guarantee future results .
    When actually investing, be sure to manage your risk.

OPA can be provided in the following conditions. (It fluctuates depending on the time)

* Members are given preferential treatment for the amount. In addition, even if the amount is less than the above, we will review if you wish, so please feel free to contact us.


  • First, open an account. After opening the account, please pay the investment funds of the specified amount or more .
  • After opening, please make payment.
    (For depositing, depositing your card using this link from bitwallet will free the deposit fee. It is best to open an account because bitwallet is the most convenient for depositing and withdrawing .)

Please contact us via Telegram (GyakuFX) The name is reverse FX @ LH. After confirmation, we will provide guidance and support later. (Telegram must be installed)

Real trade open now

Real trade of 3 strategies of OPA is being released not only for myfxbook but also for telegram!
Please also check.


Participation hope and notes

If you would like to participate, please comment on the following page.


  • Since this information is provided by EA and does not constitute investment advice, it does not fall under the FIEA.
  • In addition, we do not undertake your funds, such as investment trusts, but trade within individual domains.
  • Investment is risky. No matter how much research we have done, we cannot guarantee absolute results, especially in the short term. ,
  • Thang is a real Vietnam analyst, but his image is an image because of his various risks.
  • Regarding VPS copy trading, we will take maximum responsibility for our management, but please understand that VPS side troubles and other force majeure events are exemptions.
  • OPA is fraudulent, such as resale or recopy to others, and is subject to criminal and civil affairs.

Contact Us

Inquiries are accepted from Telegram or LINE @.

Please feel free to contact us.

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